Device Addiction

  • Dysmorphia

    "Dysmorphia" by Phillip Vernon & Elijah Guess

    An Instagram star's self-image grows increasingly warped and begins to spiral out of control.

    Instagram star and social media influencer Dorian Dash documents nearly every waking moment of his life from his smart phone. His social perception is his l...

  • Man in Phone

    "Man in Phone" by Mackenzie Sheppard - A Japanese man mysteriously wakes up inside of his phone and is forced to confront the destruction his addiction to technology has wreaked on his life.

  • Infinite Scroll

    "Infinite Scroll" by Peter Henderson - An animated short about the prefabrication of social media.
    The animation begins from the perspective of one man who returns home at night, and opens up his laptop to head straight onto social media. He begins scrolling through typical content; food posts,...

  • The Cloud

    This intense short will have you wondering how much power you should give the technology you use to help run your life.

  • La Planete Nombril

    An astronaut journeys to a distant planet where the inhabitants spend a lot of time looking at... devices. Directed by Dan McHale