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Fluff Daddy


Up Next in Lexx | Season 4

  • Xevivor

    790 lures Stan and Xev to the carrot-probe-infested island of Zig Zag by inviting them on a TV gameshow, "Xevivor," where players compete for a night with Xev. Stan and Xev realize their days are numbered if they stay on the island.

  • Haley's Comet

    Out near the orbit of Jupiter, the crew encounters a Russian space pod full of students. Financed by Haley's trust fund, they claim to have gone up in space with a plan to transmit a political statement about the dying earth and globalization.

  • Yo Way Yo

    Prince visits the Lexx, warning of "Earth's date with destiny." Emotions run high as Kai begins to feel again and the Lexx's health is ailing. The alien mother ship reaches Earth.