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Little Blue Planet


Up Next in Lexx | Season 4

  • Dutch Treat

    As the Lexx convulses from starvation, the crew decides to abandon him, leaving 790 behind as punishment for his latest treachery. President Priest and First Lady Bunny attempt to hijack the Lexx and destroy the world.

  • The Game

    Kai agrees to play a high-stakes game of chess with Prince. If Kai wins, Prince will return Kai's life-essence. If he loses, Stan and Xev must forfeit their lives.

  • Prime Ridge

    Without the key to the Lexx, the crew settles down in a small-town America. Xev's cooking is atrocious, Kai doesn't like his new fridge and after a day they get bored with TV. Xev gets a job at CJD Meat Products as a counselor, where she meets Cleesby.