NASA Apollo Missions

NASA Apollo Missions

14 Episodes

Celebrate the 50th Anniversay of NASA's Moon Landing with a selection Apollo Mission documentaries.

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NASA Apollo Missions
  • Time of Apollo

    Episode 1

    Narrated documentary production retrospective of all Apollo Missions combined.

  • The Journeys of Apollo

    Episode 2

    The Journeys of Apollo is a documentary narrated by Actor Peter Cullen that relives the Apollo mission that explored Earths neighbor, the moon and ushered in a new dawn for humanity.

  • Apollo 11 | For All Mankind

    Episode 3

    A doc that looks at the 1st lunar landing's impact on the as the returned to earth to quarantine.

  • The Flight of Apollo 11

    Episode 4

    The story of the first Moon landing in July 1969. Depicts the principal events of the mission, from the launching through the post recovery activities of astronauts Armstrong, Aldrin, and Collins.

  • Apollo 8 | As It Happened

    Episode 5

    A NASA doc about the Apollo 8 mission. The mission responsible for the first images taken by humans of the whole planet and for carrying humans the furthest from Earth ever.

  • Apollo 10 | To Sort out the Unknowns

    Episode 6

    Apollo 10 is often overlooked but this 1969 doc reveals it helped prepare NASA for the next step.

  • Apollo 12 | Pinpoint for Science

    Episode 7

    36 seconds into the November 14, 1969 launch of Apollo 12, the spacecraft was hit by lightning from a thunderstorm near the launch site. In spite of this, the astronauts continued on.

  • Apollo 13 | Houston, We've Got a Problem

    Episode 8

    The real life story of the Apollo 13 moon landing attempt. On April 13th 1970, astronauts Jim Lovell, Fred Haise, & Jack Swigert discovered that their oxygen tanks had ruptured.

  • Apollo 14 | Mission to Fra Mauro

    Episode 9

    The Apollo 14 mission featured astronauts Alan B. Shepard, Edgar D. Mitchell, and Stuart A. Rossa as human once again take to the moon.

  • Apollo 15 | In the Mountains of the Moon

    Episode 10

    Apollo 15 was deemed In The Mountains of the Moon and introduced the world to the Lunar Rover.

  • Apollo 16 | Nothing So Hidden...

    Episode 11

    A NASA Documentary Film that covers the Apollo 16 mission including an astronaut's eye view from the rover, lunar grand prix, discovery of the house-sized rock, and an emergency crisis.

  • Apollo 17 | On the Shoulders of Giants

    Episode 12

    A moving view of the 1972 Apollo 17 journey to Taurus-Littrow, the final lunar landing mission of the Apollo program and the last time a human was on the moon.

  • Apollo 11 Highlights

    Episode 13

    Beautiful historic footage from the moon accompanied by a narrated account of the mission and feat.

  • The Apollo 11 Moonwalk | Unedited

    Episode 14

    Original Mission Video as aired in July 1969 depicting the Apollo 11 astronauts conducting several tasks during extravehicular activity (EVA) operations on the surface of the moon. The EVA lasted approximately 2.5 hours with all scientific activities being completed satisfactorily. The Apollo 1...