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The Orpheus Project | Episode 18


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    Dana tries to cope with recent events. Brown suspects Dana knows too much and surprises her with a tempting offer. Asma struggles with caring for Sa'ad and feels alone. Yael tries to unsuccessfully flirt with Landau.

  • The Orpheus Project | Episode 20

    Dana tries to convince a mother to donate her daughter's organs after she was badly injured in a car accident. Sa'ad has troubles pleasing the ambitious Asma who wants him to succeed in school. Yael and Landau get closer despite Slava's displeasure in the idea and Slava at the same time needs to ...

  • The Orpheus Project | Episode 21

    Asma treats a blind woman who comes to the hospital with her husband following an accident. Asma can hear the thoughts of the husband and suspects he doesn't want to help his wife rid of her blindness though she doesn't understand why. Dana undergoes the procedure again and is stricken by many po...