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The Orpheus Project | Episode 20


Up Next in Season 1

  • The Orpheus Project | Episode 21

    Asma treats a blind woman who comes to the hospital with her husband following an accident. Asma can hear the thoughts of the husband and suspects he doesn't want to help his wife rid of her blindness though she doesn't understand why. Dana undergoes the procedure again and is stricken by many po...

  • The Orpheus Project | Episode 22

    Yael treats a man with symptoms of hepatitis and suspects he is hiding a secret from his wife. Dana unknowingly treats Cohen who comes to the unit with heart ailments not realizing her words will cost her and Slava comes to the defense of his father when he discovers his gambling debts.

  • The Orpheus Project | Episode 23

    Landau steers away from Yael after Alon warns him against getting too close. The enraged Sa'ad comes to the hospital and Asma realizes he has discovered their family secret. Slava enters a questionable deal to rescue his father from creditors and Cohen suspects Shlomi and Dana have betrayed him.