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The Orpheus Project | Episode 24


Up Next in Season 1

  • The Orpheus Project | Episode 25

    The lives of Shlomi and Dana are at risk after Cohen's trap pans out. Dror is seized by visions of the accident from his mysterious past. Yael struggles in the relationship with Landau after seeing Jasmine in his basement and Dana urges her to find out more about the experiment.

  • The Orpheus Project | Episode 26

    Landau tells Dana about the streamline of events leading to Jasmine's coma. Dror continues to investigate the accident from his past revealing surprising details. Slava prepares for battle to save his father. Asma finds out about Jasmine and decides to call her parents to let them know what has h...

  • The Orpheus Project | Episode 27

    Yael attempts to wake Jasmine up with her powers. Asma hesitates on whether or not to disagree with the diagnosis of a well known Professor she has dreamed to work with. Dror receives a birthday gift which stirs up disturbing memories of the accident.