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The Orpheus Project | Episode 3


Up Next in Season 1

  • The Orpheus Project | Episode 4

    Dana deciphers another case due to a mysterious vision she had. In addition, she and Alon begin a romantic relationship. Meanwhile, Dror sleeps with Ariana (a donor to the hospital) and triggers a wrath with Asma and Yael decides to experiment on herself.

  • The Orpheus Project | Episode 5

    Dror treats a former policeman who arrives at the hospital following violent outbursts he doesn't remember. Landau attempts to hide a girl who partook in the experiment and did not wake up. Yael discovers the seductive powers of Lilith.

  • The Orpheus Project | Episode 6

    Asma and Dror are shown Landau's video of the experiment for the first time. Asma recognizes the girl in the video. Yael continues her relationship with Alon and uses her new gift to save Slava from being thrown out of the program.