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The Orpheus Project | Episode 31


Up Next in Season 1

  • The Orpheus Project | Episode 32

    Landau dismisses himself from the hospital. Dror's unexplained withdrawal depresses Asma. Yael received news she is the excelling student set to go to Harvard. Slava continues to fight despite the worrisome signs on his body.

  • The Orpheus Project | Episode 33

    Dror is pursued by visions of his dead family telling him to join them. Following the request of his father, Slava is reluctant on whether or not to give up a fight. Dana suspects Jasmine is involved in the Orpheus project and finds herself entangled yet again in her attempts to uncover the truth.

  • The Orpheus Project | Episode 34

    Jasmine tells Landau how she founded the Orpheus project while in a Coma and offers him to join her research. Dana is surprised to find her father and Brown in on the secret and is forced to make a difficult decision. Slava has a patient who sees a black monster and Dror's attraction to the other...