Orpheus Project

Orpheus Project

2 Seasons

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Orpheus Project
  • The Orpheus Project S2 | Episode 1

    Episode 1

    The interns return to the hospital. Dana tries to leave the past behind. Slava is having a hard time dealing with the breakup from Yael. Asma finds it difficult to be an Arab doctor in a Jewish hospital. Yael gets a religious patient who knows something about her past. An eccentric homeless under...

  • The Orpheus Project S2 | Episode 2

    Episode 2

    The secret government unit captures Jasmine. The homeless that underwent clinical trial, wakes up, but the effects of the procedure have not yet been revealed. Dana finds it difficult to come to terms with Shlomi's death and Yael feels haunted.

  • The Orpheus Project S2 | Episode 3

    Episode 3

    Jasmine is forcibly admitted to a psychiatric ward. An inspector from the Ministry of Health investigates unspecified sperm donations at the fertility clinic. Yael receives a family visit and Dana discovers the cause of her medical condition.

  • The Orpheus Project S2 | Episode 4

    Episode 4

    A new intern arrives to the unit and Lev begins working as unskilled assistant at the hospital. A pregnant woman checks into the hospital with suspicious symptoms. Dana hesitates what to do with the fetus and Slava misses his powers.

  • The Orpheus Project S2 | Episode 5

    Episode 5

  • The Orpheus Project S2 | Episode 6

    Episode 6

    Yael finds it difficult to forgive Shira for the past and Landau tries to find his way to Jasmine. Dana wants to turn to Professor Lutz to find out why the pregnant woman has died and faces a surprising objection.

  • The Orpheus Project S2 | Episode 7

    Episode 7

    Dana deals with the consequences of the abortion. The unit deals with a patient with contiguous Ebola disease. In the meantime, Lev suspects that he caused the fetuses deaths.

  • The Orpheus Project S2 | Episode 8

    Episode 8

    Dana meets Shlomi and experiences a disturbing envision and Slava tries to understand the loopholes in his memory since the clinical death procedure. Another pregnant woman arrives to the hospital.

  • The Orpheus Project S2 | Episode 9

    Episode 9

    Asma finds out that her ex- partner will begin working at the hospital. Yael and Shira compete over a patient and Dana meets professor Lutz for the first time.

  • The Orpheus Project S2 | Episode 10

    Episode 10

    Dana tries to find out why the inspector of the Health Ministry died and whether it has a connection to all the pregnant women that died at the hospital. Iyad tries to get closer to Asma and Slava discovers the dark influences of the procedure.

  • The Orpheus Project S2 | Episode 11

    Episode 11

    Iyad successfully puts doubt in Asma regarding Dror and Dana investigates the mysterious deaths of the fetuses.

  • The Orpheus Project S2 | Episode 12

    Episode 12

    Dana and Lev go to the clinic that took care of the women who died, to try and discover who their doctor was. When the investigation of Itzik's death reopens, Slava finds himself facing a problem.

  • The Orpheus Project S2 | Episode 13

    Episode 13

    Dana tries to solve the clue that Lutz gives her. Lev is afraid of Dana's touch and discovers surprising abilities. Shira suspects that Slava watches porno and Dror becomes aware of something important.

  • The Orpheus Project S2 | Episode 14

    Episode 14

    Dana identifies another pregnant woman who had IVF through Dr. Rothstein. Slava goes to meet his father and Lev believes that he can see Dana's soul.

  • The Orpheus Project S2 | Episode 15

    Episode 15

    Slava's CD with the security footage from the roof disappears. Professor's Lutz dark past is revealed to Dana and Asma is asked to take care of a patient who is a pedophile.

  • The Orpheus Project S2 | Episode 16

    Episode 16

    Dana searches for Caroline who disappeared, as if the earth opened and swallowed her; and find out about the shared past of Lutz and Landau. Slava reveals his powers and receives a tempting offer.

  • The Orpheus Project S2 | Episode 17

    Episode 17

    Yael comes to a realization regarding her relationship with Slava. Asma deliberates whether to tell Iyad about Sa'ad. Dana discovers the connection between the cloned fetuses and the clinical death procedure.

  • The Orpheus Project S2 | Episode 18

    Episode 18

    Jasmine is released from isolation and meets with Lutz. Shira ponders what to do with the disk on key she has stolen. Iyad pressures Asma to meet Sa'ad and Dana tries to teach Lev how to treat women.

  • The Orpheus Project S2 | Episode 19

    Episode 19

    Shira discovers that the disk on key that she has stolen from Slava disappeared. Iyad and Sa'ad get close. Aliza receives a surprising offer and Yael decides to confess.

  • The Orpheus Project S2 | Episode 20

    Episode 20

    Lev goes on a date. Yael, heartbroken finds it difficult to deal with her weakness. Lutz and Jasmine are headed to a collision and Dana receives a visit that turns her world upside down.

  • The Orpheus Project S2 | Episode 21

    Episode 21

    Dana is forced to deal with Shomi's fiance. Yael's powers return to her after she goes through the procedure again. Asma and Iyad get closer and Jasmine helps Lutz realize something significant.

  • The Orpheus Project S2 | Episode 22

    Episode 22

    Lutz disappears and Asma receives a confusing offer. When a wounded solider arrives at the hospital, Dror and Iyad are drawn into a professional argument that gets out of hand.

  • The Orpheus Project S2 | Episode 23

    Episode 23

    Dana tries to figure out how Jasmine got to the hospital and Lev is taken with odd feelings. Slava takes a few steps back from Yael, who decides to revenge. Dror recovers from his injury and Asma is required to make a decision.

  • The Orpheus Project S2 | Episode 24

    Episode 24

    Slava realizes that his plan to escape has failed. Sa'ad is in the wrong place at the wrong time and when Lev sees Jasmine, he realizes his purpose.