Orpheus Project

Orpheus Project

2 Seasons

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Orpheus Project
  • The Orpheus Project S2 | Episode 4

    Episode 1

    A new intern arrives to the unit and Lev begins working as unskilled assistant at the hospital. A pregnant woman checks into the hospital with suspicious symptoms. Dana hesitates what to do with the fetus and Slava misses his powers.

  • The Orpheus Project S2 | Episode 14

    Episode 2

    Dana identifies another pregnant woman who had IVF through Dr. Rothstein. Slava goes to meet his father and Lev believes that he can see Dana's soul.

  • The Orpheus Project S2 | Episode 20

    Episode 3

    Lev goes on a date. Yael, heartbroken finds it difficult to deal with her weakness. Lutz and Jasmine are headed to a collision and Dana receives a visit that turns her world upside down.

  • The Orpheus Project S2 | Episode 32

    Episode 4

    The rivalry between Yael and Shira turns up a notch and Slava goes to confront his father. Shlomit's condition deteriorates, which rises Dror's suspicion.

  • The Orpheus Project S2 | Episode 33

    Episode 5

    Shira tries to find out how the experiment will affect her and Slava's father is hospitalized. Dana visits Lev and Dror investigates who murdered Shlomit.

  • The Orpheus Project S2 | Episode 35

    Episode 6

    Dror researches the spiritual rituals that Naama participated in, prior to her death. Yael is worried for Dana, who disappeared. Slava deals with his father's death and the effect of the experiment on Shira is revealed.