3 Seasons

An alien spaceship crash lands on Earth and the technology and secrets she bears lead Earth into three destructive interplanetary wars.

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  • Boobytrap
    Episode 1


    Episode 1

    2009 A.D. Earth is attacked by an armada of giant aliens.

  • Space Fold

    Episode 2

    In order to avoid the destruction of the Earth, the crew makes an untested jump into hyper-space.

  • The Long Wait

    Episode 3

    Rick and Minmei find themselves trapped in an unexplored area of the gigantic Space Battle Fortress.

  • Blitzkreig

    Episode 4

    The battle between Robotech defenders and the Zentraedi is taken to the limits of the Solar System.

  • Miss Macross

    Episode 5

    A beauty contest on the SDF-1 is designed to encourage morale as the defenders make their way back.

  • Blue Wind
    Episode 6

    Blue Wind

    Episode 6

    As the SDF-1 approaches Earth, the Zentraedi try for a final victory.

  • Homecoming

    Episode 7

    Captain Gloval tries to convince the United Earth Government of the threat posed by the Zentraedi.

  • Battle Cry

    Episode 8

    Minmei's cousin Kyle is reunited with his family on board moments before a Zentraedi sneak attack.

  • Phantasm
    Episode 9


    Episode 9

    As his body fights for life, Rick's fevered imagination takes him through a demented nightmare.

  • Farewell, Big Brother

    Episode 10

    A Zentraedi raid becomes costly when Roy is mortally wounded defending the SDF-1.

  • Paradise Lost

    Episode 11

    Everyone onboard the SDF-1 is anxiously awaiting the release of Minmei's first feature film.

  • A New Dawn
    Episode 12

    A New Dawn

    Episode 12

    The aliens plan a stratagem to defeat their bothersome Micronian enemies.

  • Battle Hymn
    Episode 13

    Battle Hymn

    Episode 13

    A minor civil war begins aboard the Zentraedi warships.

  • Reckless
    Episode 14


    Episode 14

    Rick goes on the warpath to stop an invasion of the SDF-1 by the defecting Zentraedi.

  • The Messenger

    Episode 15

    Exedore is sent to the SDF-1 to negotiate a peace settlement between Max and Miriya's civilizations.

  • Force of Arms

    Episode 16

    Dolza surrounds Earth with 4.8 million armed ships: the SDF-1 and Earth must be destroyed.

  • Khyron's Revenge

    Episode 17

    The Zentraedi warlord plots to persuade the surviving Zentraedi to rejoin the ranks of the guard.

  • Broken Heart

    Episode 18

    In a totally unexpected move, Khyron has managed to capture Minmei and Kyle.

  • A Rainy Night

    Episode 19

    Claudia gives Lisa a lesson as she recalls her romance with the late Commander Roy Fokker.