3 Seasons

An alien spaceship crash lands on Earth and the technology and secrets she bears lead Earth into three destructive interplanetary wars.

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  • The Invid Invasion

    Episode 1

    The Robotech Expeditionary Force returns to Earth following an invasion of the Robotech Masters.

  • The Lost City

    Episode 2

    Scott Bernard joins forces with Rand as they try to recruit an army of Earth's survivors.

  • Lonely Soldier Boy

    Episode 3

    Scott, Rand and Annie, a 13-year-old girl, try to help a remote town fight off a gang of thugs.

  • Survival
    Episode 4


    Episode 4

    The freedom fighters try to get back to nature by setting up base in the center of a hostile forest.

  • Curtain Call

    Episode 5

    A rock concert is stage to serve as a diversion for Scott & his fighters.

  • Paper Hero

    Episode 6

    Lunk is on a mission to deliver a manuscript to the father of one of his dead comrades.

  • Hard Times

    Episode 7

    Rook Bartley is reminded of the past as the freedom fighters power their way through her hometown.

  • Eulogy
    Episode 8


    Episode 8

    Scott and his comrades come upon Robotech Defense Forces under the command of his childhood hero.

  • Enter Marlene

    Episode 9

    The Invid send an agent to find out what the freedom fighters knows about their plans.

  • The Genesis Pit

    Episode 10

    Scott, Rand and Annie are separated from the group and find themselves in an lnvid Laboratory.

  • The Secret Route

    Episode 11

    The freedom fighters come upon a thriving community that makes its living by selling information.

  • The Fortress

    Episode 12

    In order to reach Reflex Point, Scott Bernard and his friends must destroy an old Robotech fortress.

  • Annie's Wedding

    Episode 13

    Scott Bernard's group is captured by a tribe of outcasts.

  • Sandstorm
    Episode 14


    Episode 14

    Rand tries to find water for an ill Marlene following the destruction of the Invid Fortress.

  • Metamorphosis

    Episode 15

    The Queen of the Invid allows her children to transform their protoplasmic bodies into humans.

  • Separate Ways

    Episode 16

    Following Annie's departure from the group, a sense of melancholy settles over Scott and friends.

  • The Midnight Sun

    Episode 17

    Several months after the events of Metamorphosis, the team is attacked at their mountain camp.

  • Birthday Blues

    Episode 18

    A surprise birthday party for Annie turns into a nightmare.

  • Frost Bite
    Episode 19

    Frost Bite

    Episode 19

    The Robotech Freedom Fighters discover the deserted remains of Denver, Colorado.

  • Ghost Town
    Episode 20

    Ghost Town

    Episode 20

    The group finds themselves in a High Desert ghost town populated by an assemblage of old-timers.

  • Hired Gun
    Episode 21

    Hired Gun

    Episode 21

    A human who was used as an experimental subject by the Invid is set on revenge.

  • The Big Apple

    Episode 22

    Scott and friends travel to an urban center to replenish their dwindling supplies of protoculture.

  • Reflex Point

    Episode 23

    The Robotech Defense Force is planning an attack against the Invid who have taken over Earth.

  • Dark Finale
    Episode 24

    Dark Finale

    Episode 24

    The Robotech Defense Force plans its major attack on Reflex Point. Scott, Lancer and Lunk return.