The Ray Bradbury Theater

The Ray Bradbury Theater

3 Seasons

Ray Bradbury, the noted science-fiction author hosts dramatizations of his own short stories. Guest Starring Jeff Goldblum, Drew Barrymore, William Shatner, and more.

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The Ray Bradbury Theater
  • Marionettes, Inc.

    Episode 1

    An unhappy overworked suburbanite husband recieves questionable services from a high-tech company.

  • The Playground

    Episode 2

    William Shatner stars as a caring father deeply traumatized by the bullying he suffered as a child.

  • The Crowd
    Episode 3

    The Crowd

    Episode 3

    A car crash survivor finds that the same mysterious crowd always show up minutes after any accident.

  • The Town Where No One Got Off

    Episode 4

    A city slicker (Jeff Goldblum) gets off a train at a random small town to everyone's surprise.

  • The Screaming Woman

    Episode 5

    While playing in a deserted forest, a curious little girl (Drew Barrymore) hears a woman screaming.

  • Banshee
    Episode 6


    Episode 6

    An director (Peter O'Toole) makes a bet that the legend of a banshee in the forest is real.