Welcome to Paradox

  • The Girl Who Was Plugged In

    Heartless advertising wizards use a shabby street urchin to clone the latest superstar ad girl.

  • Alien Jane

    Abused by her asylum cellmate and ignored by her doctor, Jane struggles to make her voice heard.

  • News from D Street

    Detective Mr. K tracks down a mysterious man but ends up finding a lot more than he bargained for.

  • Research Alpha

    Two researchers compete to create the "perfect human."

  • Blue Champagne

    When virtual reality turns real, a megastar and a lifeguard find there's no substitute for emotion.

  • The Winner

    A prison has a unique way to keep inmates from breaking out: a holographic hell. With Ice-T.

  • The Extra

    In a sci-fi twist on Oscar Wilde's classic, Daniel Grey keeps himself young by cloning body parts.

  • Hemeac

    A crisis arises that requires a cadet to do the one thing that should come naturally: act human.

  • All Our Sins Forgotten

    A doctor uses a disputed invention to remove his patients' painful memories. With Henry Rollins.

  • Into the Shop

    Crime-fighting vehicles have taken the guesswork and danger out of policing until one malfunctions.

  • Options

    In Betaville, gender roles are in the past. But what happens when Cleo becomes like her husband?

  • Acute Triangle

    Ardley Mendoza has created a solution to his loneliness, but there's a problem: he forgot his wife.